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  Above Voice Inc.

When it comes to
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Thanks for stopping by.  If you are looking for marketing / product management support to turn ideas into unprecedented results, We're anxious to talk with you.

We create multi-million-dollar revenues with a focus on secure network and cloud service delivery. Our products scream with unique differentiable value. We exceed customer expectations, solving their most pressing challenges or fulfilling new market opportunities.

We blend technical savvy and creativity with an unparalleled understanding of the business challenges facing clients. We are problem solvers. We are fun to work with. We deliver unprecedented results.

We focus the team and extended members on the work that is critical, collaborating with key stakeholders including the customers, partners, engineering, UX, sales and marketing. We mentor strong product managers, marketing managers and project managers, helping them drive extraordinary results.

Laurie has worked with start-ups and with corporate giants. Her strength is in taking concepts from thought to finish - building the team, managing the solution, bringing it to market, while translating complex technical and business challenges into business opportunities working with partners and internal resources to accelerate revenues and deliver measurable results.

Above Voice has been a joint effort of Bill (taking care of business) and Laurie (taking care of customers) for a long time.  We enjoy innovating and helping our customers succeed.